SoftBank to buy UK chip designer ARM in $32 billion cash deal
Chip designer ARM to be acquired by Softbank for $32 billion
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For the company’s technology is probably powering your smartphone arm as a uk-based processor designer and many companies including Apple Samsung and Qualcomm licenses designs to make their own processors for smartphones and other devices Japanese Telecom SoftBank is in the process of acquiring arm for about 32.15 billion dollars in an all-cash deal some of the terms of the deal were announced on the news site available at accelerating SoftBank will pay arm shareholders a 43% premium on the Stock’s closing price as of July 15th soft angled Double Arms UK headcount over the next five years this site also says arm as a company will remain relatively unchanged arm CEO Simon secret explain why the company agreed to be purchased by Soft back he says the company wasn’t looking to sell but what’s up and came a-knockin arm had to consider it the price had to be compelling to shareholders and the deal will have to provide a future that is more exciting than armpit achieve on its own she does mention her arm and SoftBank have no overlap so you could continue to license its Technologies to various copies as it did before there would be no conflict from its new parent company in general arm has been very successful in the mobile space due in part to its low power requirements Arm based processor can be found in the video streamers like the Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast and Technology also Powers Amazon Echo smart speaker arm is warm soft bed larger Acquisitions in the past SoftBank price Vodafone Japan and also acquired a 70% stake and US Telecom Sprint.