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Duty: Black Ops 3 is already among us, and his name is Descent . Includes four multiplayer locations, three of them completely new (Berserk, Rumble and cryogen), which the classic remake of an old map of the series, which in this case is Raid adds Black Ops 2 , now known as Empire and with a distinctive Roman atmosphere .

As we burn with the desire to learn more about these four locations, we talked to the producer of the multiplayer maps, Miles Leslei, who told us some of the secrets of these four maps, and details the process of creating the maps DLCs Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

How is the planning of these map packs?

The approach to DLC begins when we launched the game because times are tight.On the other hand, until we launched the game we have to learn how to make Black Ops maps 3 and take advantage of movements, which are different from those of BO2. We like to give  12 weeks to 12 weeks to design and do, which is a long time, but when we talk about DLCs is all much more compressed so we have to do things faster. At first we try to think good ideas and things that would work and we want to do. And then, when we launched the game everything is going to adjust the visuals and gameplay in a pack so that they are unique, fresh and generate a response from users. The DLC 3 is a combination of the point where we are, and the only ideas we had from what we see in Berserk into the arena of robots Rumble is an example of the list of great ideas we had where we had just that join the visuals and gameplay so you have a single pack.

How important is the opinion of users to develop these DLCs pack?

Very important.From the start on paper, and with that I mean we started our design on paper, following there until it is good enough to do it in 3D. We live and breathe a world that is constantly evolving to find fun.That’s the mantra of Treyarch, find fun gameplay of its games. And the only way to get to that point is constantly playing. Therefore, we are always playing internally.Then, as far as consumers are concerned, we are always looking for the answer of the players, both professionals and the more casual and take their opinion to decide what is important about what complain or praise, and process those successes and failures in the next DLC.

Miles Leslie, producer of multiplayer Black Ops 3.

And talking about this DLC specifically, what is what you’re most proud of?

You know, I’m proud of all my DLCs, but talking about the third DLC BO3, we have constantly learned from each map what works and what does not work. Internally we realize it, and if it is not the public or professionals or casuals giving us feedback. We take all that data from all sources and evaluated. Another rule we have also imposed is that each map should be better than the last. It is a way to test us constantly. It is this sense DLC 3 Descent, demonstrates all this, because you try so many different things on maps. Berserk is a gap in the middle and you can go down a street walls, or jump over the bridge or go under the bridge and avoid confrontation altogether. It’s something we had never done and it feels very fresh and we want to see how players respond. In Rumble we turn than usual, which is to have maps of three lanes, and we have only two lanes, one interior and an open plaza with a large bunker in the middle, with watchtower and a tunnel, which is something we had not done so far. It is very different from the rest of the pack maps and game maps. In Cryogen is the central pillar and frost pipes leading up there. And we must reach them and try to keep the position, having a great relationship between risk and reward. It is a combination of learning and wanting to go beyond both gameplay and visuals.

Was there any interaction or joint work with the team in charge of the part of zombies?

From my position as a producer of multiplayer maps, the most important thing is communication and that starts with all departments to understand and collaborate table, because ideas can come from anywhere. It all starts with an idea and want people snagging, share your opinion and contribute ideas. That’s my job, get work is passionate and collaborative. All contributed ideas to the other. It is very collaborative when working with maps because we are constantly testing them. We need that feedback from you whether something works or does not work.

It is common to have a remake of Call of Duty map pack DLC these. How to choose and choose to follow what process have the final version?

We are excited to announce that we bring back Raid, Black Ops 2, and something that players have been asking us for some time. And about how to select the maps to remake them, go back to the pack ideas we talked about earlier. It has to be perfect, visually, in terms of gameplay and see how it looks with the rest of the set with respect to size. This gives us the opportunity to make unique and own Black Ops 3 things, but also keep what was good to the map on previous occasions. We thought that came perfect for this map pack Raid, whose remake is called Empire.We have preserved what made Raid, but also have added lots of original features of Black Ops 3.

What process you follow when to change and adapt the old maps to the unique characteristics of Black Ops 3?

It is very difficult in reality when you rehaces an ancient map, because there is a line from which go too far and you load the original map, getting users who spent hundreds of hours on that map was not fun anymore, because they want to play How was it. In the case of Raid Raid it was very difficult to bring back and adapt it to Black Ops 3. What we do at the beginning is the end and leave Raid join the pool with the garage and simply did not work. It destroyed what was Raid. With running down the walls, we have limited ourselves to continue feeling Raid, but giving the opportunity to jump and walk the walls in key areas in which this mechanism can work. It’s hard, because you can load the map if you go too far.

Now there are constant updates that add weapons and possibilities for free and continuous, does that remove or add pressure to the team when designing maps?

You’re the first person to ask me this and it is a great question, because this is a fact that has a great impact on the development of the game. We are constantly doing and loot weapons and those weapons have an impact on existing maps when outdoors, but also where you are developing. I’ll give you an example: we have the shotgun energy and energy gun, which are very difficult to balance because they are weapons of a single shot, and when it first appeared were very powerful and could ruin some of the maps, so disconnect the specific feedback of weapons and maps, although they are related. We are well aware when new weapons are added and affect development, because we want to work on all maps, but we run the risk that excessive. They have to work for everyone.

And finally, for those who have the Season Pass and want to know more of what awaits them, what would you say?

I would say thank you for supporting Black Ops 3. Right now we are doing DLCs and creating new content, and will continue while the community supports us. We are grateful that the community is responding, but also thank the people who are complaining and saying things they do not like, because the only way to progress and be better to know what your problems are. We are very grateful to all those who play and give us their opinion, because that is what will motivate us to be better.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Descent reaches 12 July to PS4, part of the game season pass. It includes four maps for multiplayer aspect, and a new chapter in the history of cooperative zombies title, this time looping the loop by including dragons.