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10 things you need to know today: June 8, 2016

1.Hillary Clinton makes history, sealing Democratic nomination Hillary Clinton claimed victory in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday with primary victories in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South...

Hairless Dancing Nathan dances to the Beer Barrel Polka

Fortunately we found this gem on the Internet that will brighten your day. It's the magic of Nathan, peeled dog, Tillie and grandmother. No one equal to the Tillia grandmother on...

Skateboarding Champion Tony Hawk and Aaron in zero Gravity

What's better than watching two skateboarders doing what they can do best? Pro skateboarders Tony Hawk and Aaron "Jaws" Homoki were able to test skateboarding in the zero gravity,for this purpose...

Mind controlled Artificial Hand Close to Reality

A mind-controlled artificial hand with near-natural dexterity is very close to reality. Latest tests with volunteer amputees show that the robotic appendages can be both extremely movable and easily controlled.

History Behind Instagram redesigned app and icon 2016

At long last, Instagram's old-school icon is going away in favor of something more modern — a lot more modern. Instagram announced today that it's introducing a colorful new icon for...
The great inventors and their inventions

The great inventors and their inventions

Following is the list of inventors and their great inventions which changes our life. Thomas Alva Edison Alexander Graham Bell Nikola Tesla Benjamin Franklin Leonardo da Vinci Thomas Alva Edison  Thomas Edison...

Fast Growing wireless carrier in the US

You're sitting in a café, your eyeballs stuck to the telephone. YouTube is open, and you're sitting tight for the most recent comic-book film trailer to stack. Rather, you get the...